Wave & Wind Energy

Stable & Affordable Renewable Energy

OE Systems utilize the power of the open seas to generate renewable wave energy that complements today’s energy grid.

What We Do

We are a product and service company that delivers our own commercial wave energy solution WaveMove™ that focuses on being installed in parallel with offshore wind turbines to enable increased production as well as more stable and cost reduced renewable energy. Our focus is on proven business solutions that are easily scaled and provides high value to both existing and planned offshore wind sites.

OES Power Consulting

OES Power Consulting can assist in low risk planning where we show the potential of a site being combined with both wind turbines and WaveMove™ as well as other energy sources such as hydrogen. 

A typical set-up is to provide an overview of how a system integration will look at a specific site with 5 year annual production data of the combined system. In the study, we typically look at if WaveMove™ can be routed directly the wind turbines or if a parallel cabling is preferable based upon site specifics. Typical data from a suitable combined wind/wave green field site is to be able to increase production up to 100% from the wind production with WaveMove™ but only increase the grid with 50%. A typical data is also to reduce the total LCOE of 10-15% from the site from a combined system both through capex reductions/MWh and for reduced Opex costs. Contact us for an introduction meeting.

Our Markets

OE Systems main markets are brown field wind boosting (20-200MW/site), green field combined wind/wave systems (200-1000MW) and off-grid stable energy (1-20MW).

WaveMove™ provide 5-15MW per connection and can be installed in parallel to the offshore wind turbines on the same geographical area. We can also provide a smaller 1MW set-up of WaveMove™ for off-grid connections. We connect WaveMove™ directly to a wind turbine or in parallel to a transformer platform and can make adjustments to fit the site’s voltage. All our WaveMove™ deliveries starts with OES Power Consulting providing detailed production and layout plans so contact us to know more.

Connected Data

We are working with a large amount of engineering, market and environmental data to optimize WaveMove™ installations and performance.

WaveMove™ contains the best practice of both machine learning as well as AI integration with connections to OE Systems central control for surveillance. We control and predict all service, production as well as power loading monitoring. This is visualized through a user friendly interface that assures optimal performance of installed units as well as it provides business data that is used for financial performance monitoring and forecasts. Contact us to so we can show you our vision of tomorrows energy infrastructure.

About OE Systems

We are an expert engineering and business team dedicated in solving tomorrow’s energy needs. Our focus is on utilizing the power of the open seas to generate renewable wave energy that complements today’s energy grid.

The result is an affordable as well as reliable renewable energy that has little or no impact on the environment it operates within.

Our WaveMove™ system is based upon industrial experience and a smart business offering. Our system focuses on creating true value to today’s energy providers by connecting into their current investments and infrastructure. As a company we believe in understanding what drives our client’s business solutions and combining this with the best technical experts. Our experts work in cross functional teams with large own responsibility enabling effective and happy teams as well as effective project executions.

Expert Engineering & Business Team

We often work integrated with our customers teams and provides high level expertise.

Little Or No Impact on the Environment

WaveMove™ is designed for a circular economy and to work in harmony with its environment.

A Winning Combination

The future of offshore energy is a combination of wind and wave energy for production that provides a high production with good stability.

Why Hasn't This Been Done Before?

There are a large number of challenges to overcome to enable stable and reliable wave energy. A large number of stake holders have tested different solutions during the last decades without being able to provide an acceptable product for the market. OE Systems long offshore industrial background in combination with the companies analytical and market skills differs the company’s approach to most competitors. This experience has enabled OE Systems to provide a solution that has been verified by DNV that can match the 2030s >18MW wind turbines as well as safe marine operational performance in 50 year storms.

We are hiring

Are you an expert within ocean energy engineering/business development/embedded systems, based in Gothenburg and would like to work with the latest technical break throughs? Are you also an individual that are passionate about creating a better tomorrow and are stubborn enough to make it happen? Please contact us since we are expanding our team with more permanent positions.

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